Business with Supply Chain Management BA(Hons)

2020-21 (also available for 2021-22)

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Start date

21 September 2020


4 years including placement

About the course

Why Business with Supply Chain Management?

Business with Supply Chain Management is an innovative professional programme developed in partnership with the NOVUS Trust, an industry-led organisation that focuses on developing talent in the supply chain. This course includes a guarantee of employment provided you secure a 2.1 degree and achieve satisfactory references from your placement employer and is tailor made for people who are keen to go into supply chain management.

A dynamic, successful business needs a strong and effective supply chain. We’ll look at how leading companies organise and manage their supply chain to ensure success.

How will you learn?

You will learn through practical application and delivered lectures, workshops, seminars and group work sessions.

  • The course comes with a guarantee of employment**, it could be the first step towards a rewarding career.
  • On your course, we’ll give you the chance to master the skills to take your place in this demanding yet rewarding field.
  • We’ll look at how leading companies organise and manage the planning, sourcing, manufacturing and physical logistics of their supply chains.
  • We’ll also give you the chance to develop your business management, leadership and decision making skills. We want to make you employable so you can take the next step in your career.
  • On the course you’ll have a company mentor, so you’ll be dealing with someone who works in the industry.
  • You’ll be able to take part in industry-led seminars and site visits.
  • We’ll also give you the chance to take short paid placements and a placement year with a leading employer.

Previous students have taken placements with John Lewis, Sainsburys, Marks and Spencer, ASOS, Dixons Carphone, Travis Perkins, Nestlé, Muller and many others. The NOVUS Trust will also help you take things further and work towards other professional qualifications. Not only that, provided you secure a 2:1 degree and a satisfactory reference from your placement company, it will guarantee an offer of employment with one of the companies involved such as Morrisons, DHL, Arla and PZ Cussons when you graduate.

What subjects will you cover?

You’ll explore subjects such as Principles of Logistics, Organisational Behaviour, Planning Techniques for Logistics and Transport Operations, Purchasing and Supply, Physical Logistics Management, Strategic Supply Chain Management and Retail and Manufacturing Logistics.

** To qualify for the guarantee you will need to graduate with a 2.1 degree and achieve satisfactory references from your placement employer and your personal tutor at the University.

Supply Chain Management is at the heart of every successful business ensuring customers receive the best quality products and services in the right place at the right time. From purchasing and supply through transport and distribution to retail the supply chain industry offers a wide range of graduate career opportunities. Business with Supply Chain Management is a specialist degree which will help you kick start your career in this industry. Supported by a number of businesses through the NOVUS Trust this course will provide you with the knowledge and work experience to help you choose which part of the supply chain industry you would like to work in.


​Dr Jiajia Liu, Senior Lecturer in Business and Management

Course detail

Core modules:

Professional Aspects of Business

This module introduces you to key areas in both the legal and financial aspects of business. You’ll look at how financial information is prepared, presented and interpreted by internal and external users and consider aspects of employment and contract law relevant to non-specialists. As well as delivering theory and technical information, practical application is presented through worked examples, group working and discussions.

Markets and Marketing

This module explores the behaviour of markets and the responses of organisations through their marketing activities. It will help you to develop an understanding of marketing theory and practice and help you to develop the skills to produce a well-researched marketing plan.

Organisational Behaviour

This module presents and critically explores human behaviour in the workplace from the perspective of the individual, the team and the organisation. Emphasis is placed on developing critical awareness through discussions of theoretical content but also the practical application of ideas to the workplace. The overall objective of the module is to think about different levels of behaviour and to think about the challenges managers face in increasingly competitive and dynamic environments. With vast ranging topics, the module covers individual level topics including personality, individual differences and motivation to more team level concepts including the influence of the social organisation and organisational level topics including leadership, organisational culture and change management. This is all presented with reference to real life examples and topical areas of interest.

Responsible Business Enterprise

This module will introduce you to ethical and social responsibility issues encountered by contemporary business enterprises. You'll be given the opportunity to develop skills in identifying and addressing business challenges related to social responsibility, and then work in groups to develop viable business solutions which address economic, social and environmental concerns of a business enterprise. This module is part of Huddersfield Business School’s commitment to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME).

Principles of Logistics

This module provides a fundamental understanding of the key aspects of logistics and supply chain management. It focuses on the identification of the relationships between logistics activities and looks at how changing business conditions have impacted on the development of the sector. The principles underpinning effective management of material flows are analysed with specific regard to inventory and distribution management and their role in creating customer satisfaction. The application of information technology and the need to comply with increasing environmental regulations will also be considered.

The NOVUS Trust scheme is backed by leading retailers, manufacturers and logistics companies, such as John Lewis, Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencer, asos, Dixons Retail Travis Perkins,

Premier Foods, Arla Foods, Cummins, DHL and Wincanton. Visit the [NOVUS Trust web pages|]for full details of the companies supporting the scheme.

Entry requirements

To find out if you're eligible for this course, please email our Clearing Helpline Team at

What our students have to say

The University of Huddersfield offers a diverse and vibrant student environment, located on one central town centre campus site. The Business School provides you with a modern, professional environment in which to learn and develop, located right next to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal it's in a leafy and picturesque location at the heart of the campus.

Watch our profile video to hear Amy Johnson describe why she chose the University of Huddersfield.


The course offers a compulsory (48 weeks) work placement after the second year with one of the companies backing the NOVUS scheme. Huddersfield Business School’s Placement Unit won the National Undergradute Employability (NUE) award in 2017 for ‘Best University Placement Service’ for their hard work and innovative ideas. Placements will be with companies within the NOVUS scheme who are committed to providing a rewarding placement experience and who will invest in your professional development. Companies include John Lewis, Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencer, asos, Dixons Carphone, Travis Perkins, Premier Foods, Arla Foods, Cummins, DHL and Wincanton. Visit [NOVUSTrust|] for full details of the companies supporting the scheme.

The knowledge and experiences I have gained on placement have really benefited me. I think it can be easy to dive straight into final year and finish University, but this is a paid opportunity to broaden your knowledge, meet new people and gain hands on experience in your chosen career.


Georgia Gibson, Operational Project Coordinator, placement with Kuehne + Nagel

Teaching excellence

  1. Huddersfield is a TEF gold-rated institution delivering consistently outstanding teaching and learning of the highest quality found in the UK (Teaching Excellence Framework, 2017).
  2. We won the first Global Teaching Excellence Award recognising the University’s commitment to world-class teaching and its success in developing students as independent learners and critical thinkers (HEA, 2017).
  3. Here at Huddersfield, you’ll be taught by some of the best lecturers in the country. The University is joint first in England for the proportion of staff with teaching qualifications (HESA 2020).
  4. For the past ten years, we’ve been the UK’s leading university for National Teaching Fellowships too, which rate Britain’s best lecturers. It’s all part of our ongoing drive for teaching excellence, which helps our students to achieve great things too.
  5. We’re unique in the fact that all our permanent teaching staff* have, or are completing, doctorates. This expertise, together with our teaching credentials, means that students here learn from knowledgeable and well-qualified teachers and academics who are at the forefront of their subject area.

*Permanent staff, after probation: some recently appointed colleagues will only obtain recognition in the months after their arrival in Huddersfield, once they have started teaching; research degrees applies to those on contracts of more than half-time.

Your Career

There is currently a shortage of skilled professionals within logistics and supply chain management - one of the key reasons that the industry has formed the NOVUS Trust to attract new talent and why you will be in demand. Business and supply chain courses at Huddersfield have always enjoyed exceptionally high levels of graduate employment. The NOVUS Trust scheme offers career opportunities unparalleled in other courses - including a guaranteed offer of employment with one of the member companies. To qualify for the guarantee you will need to graduate with a 2.1 degree and achieve satisfactory references from your placement employer and your personal tutor at the University.

*  Percentage of graduates from these subject areas at Huddersfield who go on to work and/or further study within six months of graduating (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education Survey 2015/16 and 2016/17 aggregated).

92-95% Graduates employed from these subjects*

Student support

At the University of Huddersfield, you'll find support networks and services to help you get ahead in your studies and social life. Whether you study at undergraduate or postgraduate level, you'll soon discover that you're never far away from our dedicated staff and resources to help you to navigate through your personal student journey. Find out more about all our support services.

Within Huddersfield Business School, there are numerous student support services that you can access to ensure that you make the most of your time with us.In terms of academic support, we have highly qualified Academic Skills Tutors who are able to provide support to those of you who require help in improving your academic skills in areas such as academic writing, presentation techniques, referencing etc.We also offer additional support to our International students by giving free language support sessions to our Final Year/Top-Up and Postgraduate students and co-ordinate the ‘Bud In Hud ‘ programme which provides opportunities for both International and Home students to meet and socialise in an informal setting.

We also have a team of Student Guidance and Support Officers within the School who can provide support and advice to you with any non-academic issues such as health issues, financial problems or personal issues, you may be facing which are having an effect on your ability to study to the best of your abilities.Drop in sessions are always available so you can pop in and have a confidential chat about how we can help and what support is available to you.

Our support services are here to ensure that you are able to achieve your academic, professional and personal potential during your time with Huddersfield Business School.

Important information

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Changes to a course you have applied for

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Changes to your course after you enrol as a student

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Changes to option modules

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Major changes

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For example, it may be necessary to make a major change to reflect changes in the law or the requirements of the University’s regulators; to meet the latest requirements of a commissioning or accrediting body; to improve the quality of educational provision; in response to student, examiners’ or other course evaluators’ feedback; and/or to reflect academic or professional changes within subject areas. Major changes may also be necessary because of circumstances outside our reasonable control, such as a key member of staff leaving the University or being unable to teach, where they have a particular specialism that can’t be adequately covered by other members of staff; or due to damage or interruption to buildings, facilities or equipment.

Major changes would usually be made with effect from the next academic year, but this may not always be the case. We will notify you as soon as possible should we need to make a major change and will carry out suitable consultation with affected students. If you reasonably believe that the proposed change will cause you detriment or hardship we will, if appropriate, work with you to try to reduce the adverse effect on you or find an appropriate solution. Where an appropriate solution cannot be found and you contact us in writing before the change takes effect you can cancel your registration and withdraw from the University without liability to the University for future tuition fees. We will provide reasonable support to assist you with transferring to another university if you wish to do so.

Termination of course

In exceptional circumstances, we may, for reasons outside of our control, be forced to discontinue or suspend your course. Where this is the case, a formal exit strategy will be followed and we will notify you as soon as possible about what your options are, which may include transferring to a suitable replacement course for which you are qualified, being provided with individual teaching to complete the award for which you were registered, or claiming an interim award and exiting the University. If you do not wish to take up any of the options that are made available to you, then you can cancel your registration and withdraw from the course without liability to the University for future tuition fees and you will be entitled to a refund of all course fees paid to date. We will provide reasonable support to assist you with transferring to another university if you wish to do so.

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The Office for Students (OfS) is the principal regulator for the University.

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